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Things You Should Know (Grand Canyon)

Does an Uber or Lyft make sense?

Uber and Lyft drivers often cancel once they arrive at your house, because the app doesn't tell them where they are going until they arrive at your home. Usually drivers don't want to drive that far and not get paid for two hours to drive back, or they are unavailable to work for that long. This may result in you missing your flight after 2-3 of them cancel in a row, and they charge you $5 each time for the cancellation. You then try to contact Uber or Lyft over the next week to get a refund, and they don't even have a phone number.

Another thing to consider is that Uber and Lyft drivers are never interviewed, so you may get a depressed guy complaining about his life, a tiny car with no leg room or a creeper. Uber and Lyft also do not train their drivers and the airport is moderately confusing to most people, so they usually have no idea where to go.

How reliable is the Greyhound bus or Arizona with a lot of people?

Companies that do shared rides will try to pick you up an hour or two earlier, but they make no promises about when you will actually get to the airport. If you're on a tight schedule, the shared ride option with Arizona or the Greyhound is probably not a good idea. Extra stops and scheduling with other passengers can either make you too early or potentially late. Even with great drivers, passengers can be unpredictable and end up making everyone miss their flight.

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With more than 100,000 customers and more than 8 years in business, Airport Shuttle of Phoenix owns Grand Canyon Shuttle, and has drivers all over the State of Arizona. Our main office is 5 minutes from PHX airport.

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How is Your Service Different?

  • Any Address - We pick you up at your home, hotel or airport.
  • Better - most rides are non-stop in a nice car.
  • Flexible - we pick you up on your schedule 24/7.
  • Safer - we don't leave you at a bus stop and we have better drivers.
  • Faster - most rides take half the time and it's just you in the vehicle.
  • More Convenient - door - door and no need to arrange or pay for other companies to get home.
  • Affordable - once you add it all up, it's the same price.

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What kind of services do you have to offer?

Grand canyon tours, transportation from phoenix to grand canyon south rim, transportation from phoenix - grand canyon train, affordable service that is much better than a grand canyon bus.

What to see from Phoenix to Grand Canyon?

We are happy to take the scenic route from Phoenix - Grand Canyon south rim, help you plan a day trip to the Grand Canyon, or go to the Grand Canyon via Sedona. Sedona is a frequently overlooked gem of Arizona with stunning red rocky cliffs and landscapes. One of the great reasons to let someone else do the driving is that you get to see so much more and drivers know were all the great spots are to visit and take pictures.

Can you take the train to the Grand Canyon?

Yes, you just need us to drive you from PHX to the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams AZ. The best way to get their is with our company, because it's non-stop and we take you all the way. There is no actual Phoenix - Grand Canyon train.

Is Sedona near Phoenix?

Yes, Sedona is about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Sky Harbor by car or with us. The Greyhound does not go to Sedona. Arizona is very similar to the Greyhound as far as travel time (3 hours) and multiple stops.

The PHX - Grand Canyon bus takes about 8 hours on the Greyhound or another shared ride service, and I don't believe the Greyhound actually goes into the Grand Canyon National Park since it costs an extra $7 per person for the entry fee in a bus.

What is the closest town to the Grand Canyon?

At the south rim it's the Grand Canyon Village, AZ inside the park or Tusayan AZ right outside the national park.

At the north rim it's Marble Canyon, AZ outside the park. Marble Canyon is right next to a beautiful bridge that people can walk on and look down at the Colorado River.

There are lots of companies that offer Grand Canyon tours once you are closer to the north or south rim of the Grand Canyon, but you will save a lot of money if you skip getting a rental car and just book your transportation with a service that also does Grand Canyon Tours like us. In fact I think we are the only company that does that since Arizona doesn't do tours. It's also a lot more exclusive, non-stop and flexible on time and what you want to see.

What is the best airport to fly into for the Grand Canyon?

There are no direct flights to the Grand Canyon or the Flagstaff Airport, and the Grand Canyon Airport is mainly for helicopter rides. The cost to fly from PHX - Flagstaff ranges from $150 - $350 per person plus taxes and baggage fees depending on demand and time of year. The least expensive option is to fly into PHX and take a shuttle to the Grand Canyon. If you do decide to fly into Flagstaff, and then get a ride to the Grand Canyon, the amount of time to get through the airport, wait for the plane to take off and get your bags is about the same as just driving from the Sky Harbor Airport to Flagstaff. So there really is no advantage as far as time. The only difference is that the flight will probably cost you more, especially if you are traveling with someone. With two or more people the shuttle will normally be half the price or less.

Where is the best place to stay when visiting the Grand Canyon?

We really enjoy staying at the El Tovar Hotel; they have different options like the Kachina Lodge and the Bright Angel Lodge. You can also reserve cabins down near the Colorado River, but the waiting list for both mule rides to the bottom of the South Rim and cabins is 12-14 months. The accommodations at the El Tovar Hotel are a lot more comfortable. Hiking to the bottom is 8-9 miles and very steep. Hiking to the bottom and back up the same day is not really a good idea if you aren't a professional athlete.

Top 10 Things to Do in Arizona

  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Grand Canyon Railway
  3. Grand Canyon Skywalk
  4. Antelope Canyon
  5. Montezuma Castle National Park
  6. Havasu Falls
  7. Grand Canyon Lodge
  8. Hoover Dam
  9. Oak Creek Canyon
  10. Verde Canyon Railway
  11. Desert View Watchtower

National Historic Landmarks in Arizona

  1. Grand Canyon National Park
  2. El Tovar Hotel
  3. Grand Canyon Village
  4. Grand Canyon Lodge

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