First Time Flight Experience


First Time Flight Experience, What to Expect, Before and During the Flight?

First-time flight experience can be really unnerving. This is because you are much aware that your chances of experiencing a plane crash are exceedingly low. However, there is still much anxiety during the first time flight especially if you are not aware of the expectations. The idea of flying alone for the first time is quite discouraging if you have never flown.

We here at Airport Shuttle Phoenix know to make the flight more comfortable and pleasing, you must know your anticipations. The plane engines roar so loud and the plane can tremble as the quarter gets tight. For sure, flying for the first time is one scary experience. Even the slightest occurrences will throw you into big confusions with a lot of stress. Therefore if you need to experience a more successful flight, you need to be prepared and relaxed. Talk with those who have flight experiences to help you clear all your fears.

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What to Expect Before the Flight

Booking Your Ticket

The first thing to expect before you can fly is booking the flight ticket. You should know of the available seats. If there is none, then you cannot proceed and vice versa. Ensure you book early to avoid missing the ticket. You can book via the internet or buy the tickets from a traveling agent.

Preparing for Flight

Documents will be needed before you go to the airport. Such important documents include an invitation letter, a visa among others. There are rules and regulations in the airport which needs to be adhered to. The weight of the is also a key factor before you have your first flight. Excess luggage will demand payment.

Checking In

There are a number of terminals inside the airport where you need to check in. You need to go to the departure terminal where your airline will be. During the checking in process, you will be given a boarding pass containing all flight information and your names also. in simple words, its a ticket you must have before you board a plane.

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Security Check Up

After the process, there will be directions to the security checkpoint. You will be required to present your boarding pass and passport. After this, you will go with your carry-on luggage for screening at the screening point. Most importantly, airport security measures are not the same depending on the country. However, the most common procedure is walking through a metal detector for screening if you are carrying any illegal good.

Going to the Gate

After the clearance process, you need to access the gate area where you will take your flight. Gate information is provided during your check-in process. There are times when a flight can be delayed. To avoid too much anxiety, carry any form of entertainment such as a magazine to keep you busy.

Inside the Plane

Once your plane arrives, you will need to go in and occupy your seat. You will put your luggage on one of the overhead luggage stores. The flight attendants will then demonstrate all safety features before you can take off. For instance, you will be shown where to located oxygen mask, emergency exits among others. After this, the plane will take off slowly afterward

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What to Expect During the Flight

You will hear the engine roar as the plane takes off. Once on the air, you might hear slight thuds also. You don’t have to panic! The thuds are the wheels of the plane pulling in. You will be served with light meals the moment the plane reaches its flying altitude.
Expect snacks if you are going for a local flight. International flights provide entertainment features such as music and movies to killing boredom. You should fasten your seat belt just in case the plane trembles. Turbulence on a plane is a common thing so don’t be scared. The plane is designed in a way to handle turbulence.


When the plane lands, there will be even more scratching sounds. They are caused by the plane's wheels as they move for landing. Once on the ground, stay calm until the plane stops on its gate.

Indeed, the first time flight experience can be quite relaxing and enjoyable only when you know what to expect!

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