Ultimate Guide to Understanding Phoenix Taxi Rates

Taxi Rates

Taxi Rates are normally $2 to $2.30 per mile with $40-$70 per hour of wait time. Every time you are waiting at a light, stopped in traffic on the freeway or waiting outside, the meter is still running. Taxi's also have drops, which range from $2.50 to $5 just for starting the meter. That means the moment you get in and the taxi driver pushes the button, you owe the drop amount plus any wait time regardless of whether the taxi has driven you anywhere. Taxi cabs are protected under law for nonpayment. If you don't pay you have committed a crime called defrauding an inn keep. Most drivers would not call the police, but if they did the police will demand payment or take you straight to jail. Meters are generally regulated, but not everywhere.

Taxi companies are allowed to charge whatever they want. However, they are generally all about the same price to remain competitive. The only exception to metered rates is called flat rates. Generally only owner operators are allowed to do flat rates. To get a flat rate you have to agree to a fixed price before you get into the car. Once the meter is running, the meter determines what you will have to pay.

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To understand taxi rates better, lets say you want a ride to the airport and it's 10 miles in rush hour. You wait in traffic for an additional 15 minutes. You pay the drop of $2.50 plus 10 miles times $2.30 plus $15 for wait time. That's $40.50 not including gratuity. Gratuity is normally 10%, 15% or 20% similar to a restaurant. However, smaller fares generally tip more as a percentage. It's common for someone to tip $5 on a short trip, $10 or $20 depending the service provided. Sometimes people do tip $50 or $100, but not all the time. Things to consider when tipping a cab driver are: help with bags, whether they took the most direct route, getting the door, offered bottle water, clean car, dressed well, hygiene, and whether they are a safe driver. Don't expect all of these things since a taxi is not a black car, limo or luxury car service.

Taxi's provide a public service by getting people around that don't have a credit or debit card and can only pay cash. They also pickup people who are too impaired to drive. This prevents DUI's, accidents, injury and death to drivers, passengers and pedestrians. They also provide last minute transportation to the airport and doctors appointments when other companies don't show up or are going to be significantly late. Taxi Cabs come in contact with a variety of bodily fluids and cab drivers tend to be more tolerant to party like behavior. Since they are generally double the cost of a shuttle, taxis are generally available when other services are booked solid. Taxi's can be share rides or non-stop, everything is normally negotiable. We offer taxi service in almost every city in Arizona like Phoenix Taxi, Tucson Taxi, Sedona Taxi, Flagstaff Taxi, Grand Canyon Taxi, etc.

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