4 Libraries In Arizona All Book Lovers Must Visit

Book lovers need very little to have a good time. And Arizona is the state that gets it. Boasting so many great libraries in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and more areas of Arizona proves the state is a book lover’s paradise. Arizona may be a dry state but never a book-desert. Show up once and you’ll find so many great places to explore. Arizona is home to few of the best, most unique and aesthetic libraries in the world. You can fly around and take a shuttle from the airport –it’s worth it. After all, what’s a legal, publicly sanctioned, quiet way of having than reading books and strolling through library aisles?

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Here are the five libraries in Arizona you need to visit:

1. Desert Broom Library:

This stunning library is chic with classy magnificence that’s unlike any other library you’ll ever see. Its tall roof and slender architectural design is extremely minimalist and beautiful. The sprawling domino design adds a rigorous and stimulating depth that makes the experience of reading as it should feel –luxurious. Its minimalist design offers a private and exclusive feel to its public accessibility. This Phoenix library has around 60,000 volumes and is ever expanding. You can get to your bookish destination using Arizona’s shuttle Airport Shuttle for Phoenix.

2. White Tank Library:

This stunning library sports the most outdoorsy vibe ever. The white mountain trail outside and the plants make this deserted quiet as solitary and relaxing as possible. White Tank Library resembles a bookstore from its interiors. The characteristic, thick succulent Arizona plants only add to the outdoor feeling of the library. You can have a fulfilling day out with kids as they have a ton of children’s books too!

3. Desert Foothill Library:

Everything about this library is chic, cozy and inviting. Desert Foothill library has all the newest books you’ll ever need. This patron supported public library has stood strong for the longest time. The library sports great books and great art. The cozy inside, the library that rests on the hills is something only the state of Arizona can do so well.

4. Cholla Library:

Can any conversation about Arizona be complete without the mention of Cholla Library? This two story library feels like the IKEA of libraries –it’s got everything. And that’s why this library made it to the list. Cholla library has meeting and study rooms, a large collection of books, DVDs, CDs, children’s books, and materials.

Library hopping should be a thing if it isn’t one already. And making this hopping about easier is Arizona’s trusted, reliable and affordable shuttle service Airport Shuttle of Phoenix. Book your ride and go anywhere in and around Arizona.

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