Explore The Amazing Places Of Phoenix With Arizona Shuttle

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona which was announced in 1889. It has a population of one million residents, making it the fifth most populated city in the United States and the 11th-largest city by area in the United States. The agricultural community was the original settlers of phoenix in 1867. It is known for its various attractions and the flora and fauna that have been preserved for centuries. Phoenix has had the hottest desert climate for a long time and short, mild winters.

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Attractions Of Phoenix

Visit The Arizona Museum

This Museum is an exhibit of the natural and cultural history of that area. It is a small museum founded in the year 1977 exhibiting a small collection of Arizona artifacts. Today it is a three-story building exhibiting the recreation of a few famous sites of Arizona, like the lost Dutchman gold mine, the dinosaur hall, and a real territorial jail. This learning experience is going to be a fun-filled package for all age groups.

The Mystery Castle

This castle was built in the 1930s by a father to his daughter when he discovered he had tuberculosis. The castle is known as Phoenix Point of Pride. It is famous for its medieval-looking creation, which was commonly found in England. The place has very unique features, including paintings of animals and different carvings. You can take a tour of the castle as tours are offered to the public Thursday-Sunday.

Curious Nature

Curious Nature is an outlet for science and natural history artifacts, as all things are fascinating and strange. The collections vary from taxidermy, skulls, and bones to exotic plants, collectibles, and gifts. This is a dream store for all enthusiasts to collect unique artifacts or treasures. Pay your visit if your one.

The Oak Street Alley Murals

If you wish to get Instagram worth pictures, then visit this street. It's a street on the outskirts of phoenix where the walls are a canvas for all creative minds. Its walls are covered with artwork, making it a beautiful walk through the streets. Every year to add new colors to their spirits and the canvas, Arizonans celebrate a festival where they add new artwork to the canvas.

The City Lights

This place could give you the best outing spot to hang out with friends or your loved ones. It gives the best scenic drive with a picnic stop to enjoy the sun sets and rises amidst the twinkling lights.

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