Does Travel Insurance Cover Delayed Flights?

Have you ever missed your flight? As frustrating as it may be, these things do happen. That’s why most people opt for travel insurance to ensure that they don’t lose out on costly tickets or fees when traveling. But does travel insurance cover delay flights? Yes, your travel insurance can cover delayed flights. Your flight can get covered if you have a valid reason for it to be. If the delay is due to the airline, you will not be getting covered Do you want more clarification? If yes, read on to learn more about what travel insurance covers and what it doesn’t.


Travel Insurance Coverage

A more comprehensive understanding of your travel insurance coverage will help you determine what will be covered, and what won’t. As mentioned earlier, if the delay is done by the airline, they will be responsible for it. They will offer food and accommodation for long delays. When you have booked on two different airlines and the delay is caused by the delay of another airline, your travel insurance is not going to offer you coverage. The second airline will not take the responsibility to put you on another flight. Therefore, you will have to buy the extra ticket without any compensation from the airline and coverage from your travel insurance.

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When You Are Covered?

You will get coverage in the following circumstances:

  • You missed your flight for some unavoidable reasons such as a motor vehicle accident
  • You are unfit to travel. You will need written proof to prove your inability. A medical practitioner needs to mention that you have some preexisting medical conditions that prevent you to travel by air
  • You missed your flight due to some natural and man made disasters such as extreme weather conditions, riots, hijacking, or even civil unrest

When You Are Not Covered?

  • Delays caused by the airline will not be covered
  • Mechanical issues or overbooking will be compensated by the airline
  • Delay caused by you. If you do not keep enough time for traveling, then you will not be covered
  • When the compensation and alternatives flights are offered by airline and you do not accept them
  • When you miss your flight for bad weather and booked another one with a high price. Your insurance will only cover the price of your first ticket

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How to Claim for Your Missed Flights

The first and key requirement is the proof. You will need a written proof of delays and cancellation from the airline to claim the coverage. When it is caused by a road accident, get written proof from the concerned authorities. When it is caused by medical issues, make sure that you have taken a note from the doctor. Once you have written proof, you can move ahead with other steps.

Bottom Line

Does travel insurance cover delayed flights? The answer is certainly yes. However, you will have to ensure that the delay is not caused by your and airline’s fault. In both these conditions, your travel insurance is not going to cover your tickets. Regardless of if you’re sure that your flight will be covered or not, you should always keep written proof with you. Travel experts at Airport Shuttle of Phoenix will be able to take you to and from the airport to anywhere you need to go such as Flagstaff, in the case that your delay is much longer than expected.

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