Exploring Arizona's History With Arizona Shuttle: A Guide To The State's Most Significant Historical Sites

Arizona is a state with a rich and diverse history that spans many centuries. From the ancient civilizations that once called the area home to the Wild West and the mining boom of the 20th century, Arizona has played a significant role in molding the history of the United States. Fortunately, many of the state's most important historical sites are easily accessible by the Arizona shuttle, making exploring the area's past easy. Here's a closer view of some of the top historic sites in Arizona that can be visited with the Arizona Shuttle.


Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument is a cliffside dwelling built by the Sinagua people around 700 years ago. The five-story structure, which contains 20 rooms, was carved into a limestone cliff and was likely used as a place of worship, storage, and defense. Today, visitors can explore the site and learn about the fascinating history of the Sinagua people who call the area home.


Tombstone is a famous Wild West town known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, which took place in 1881. Visitors to Tombstone can explore the historic downtown area, visit museums and exhibits dedicated to the town's history, and even watch reenactments of the famous Gunfight.

Jerome State Historic Park

Jerome is a former mining town once known as the "Wickedest Town in the West." Today, visitors can explore the town's history at Jerome State Historical Park, home to the Douglas Mansion, a 1916 mansion a prominent mining family once owned. The mansion now houses exhibits on the town's history and the mining industry that was once the area's lifeblood.

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is home to the ruins of a four-story structure built by the Hohokam people over 600 years ago. The structure, made of adobe bricks, is one of North America's most significant prehistoric structures and is evidence of the ingenuity of the Hohokam people.

Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site

It is a historic trading post established in the late 1800s by John Lorenzo Hubbell. The trading post was a trade center between the Navajo and Hopi tribes and the surrounding area. Today, visitors can tour the trading post and learn about the history of the area's Native American tribes.

These are just countable historical sites that can be explored in Arizona with the Arizona Shuttle. Whether you're interested in the ancient civilizations that once called the area home or the Wild West and mining boom of the 20th century, there's something for everyone to explore in this fascinating state. So why not book your shuttle today and explore Arizona's rich history?

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