Fun Things to Do In An Airport


What are some of the fun things to do in an airport? There are several things you can engage yourself into while waiting for your flight in an airport. You'll probably face some typical airport nightmares such as parking troubles, long queues and other sorts of challenges that will elongate the process. This is why we've come up with some things to do to make your time at the airport more enjoyable before you're up in the sky.

1. Relax in an Airport Lounge

Airport lounges have the most comfy chairs that can give you the quietness and peace you want as you enjoy a glass of fizz.

2. Have Coffee

Whether you are waiting to catch a late night flight or a morning flight, it is always a good idea to grab a cup of Joe. Either way, you'll be energized for your flight.

3. Read a Book

Whether it is a Kindle or another type of tablet, a thriller or a romance, a well worn or whatever kind of book you have -- get yourself lost in a few pages.

4. Download a Trip Planner and Check Your Itinerary

Trip planners help people to plan their next holidays together with their family members and friends. You can download it and keep yourself busy by planning what to do once you land. HEHA is an Android and iOS app that can be downloaded for free.

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5. Spot Planes as They Land

Many airports have plenty of viewpoints where you can be able to spot incoming and outgoing planes. You can find a comfortable spot to sit and watch the planes come in and take off.

6. Update Your Social Media

You can go to your favorite social media pages and find out what your friends and family are up to, or even post a photo of yourself at the airport.

7. Call Friends and Family

Calling friends and family while you're waiting for your flight can take up a chunk of time. If you're meeting up with someone once you land, you can even converse with them to let them know if your flight has been delayed.

8. Check What You Packed

While waiting for your flight, you can double check whether you packed everything that you needed or not. This way, if you find out that you had forgotten something, you can simply pick it up at the airport if they have it or make note of it for when you land.

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9. Listen to a Playlist

Make a playlist before your next flight so that you can listen to it while you wait. You can also add some variety by adding audio books or podcasts.

10. Look at Memes

Well, what else could lighten your day other than memes? Go ahead and connect to your favorite social media site and peruse across a few memes to give yourself a chuckle or a few.

11. Spend Foreign Money

If you have a bit of foreign money still in your wallet, this can be the most ideal time to get spend it all.

12. Take a Nap

This is one of the most popular things to do at an airport. You can lay out on a couple of seats at your terminal and get some sleep prior to boarding your flight.

These are a few of the fun things to do in an airport. The next time you find yourself with a delayed flight or having to wait for a long time, make sure to make the most of your time by putting these tips to the test.

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