Heritage Square Phonix Original Settlement With Arizona Shuttle

Heritage Square is a place to represent the cultures and values of the ancestors of the city of Phoenix. This constitution is made on the homeland of the O'Odham and Piipaash people. People from the very beginning have inhabited the landscapes to the present day. A sacred landscape that reflects the cultural values of the O'Odham and Piipaash people. This recognition of precious heritage has been recognized to represent the partnership with the ancestral inherent and understanding and respecting the legacy.

Heritage Square Phonix Original Settlement With Arizona Shuttle

This museum is famous as it represents the only original settlement of Phoenix. The city block is listed on the national register of historic places for its original and Victorian homes, making it an ideal city block for an afternoon stroll. And it also contains shops, museums, and restaurants. Heritage square's restaurants are known for their excellent eateries and pubs.

Famous Attractions To Explore 

The Silva Exhibit

The Silvas were emigrants to the united states, where they set up an estate in Gleneden. And later on, they came to stay in the home at heritage square, which now bears their name. This place exhibits the artifacts that the family-owned back then. It was built in 1900 and sold to the silva family in 1906. And remained in the family till 1977, when the city of phoenix bought it.

Rosson House - Dentro De La Casa Rosson

 Visitors come here to learn more about Rosson House. With explanation translation of Spanish topics in English for visitors to read. So this place has collections of artifacts that contain piece-by-piece things from all the rooms gathered to display. This house has the essential elements and rooms as stated below.

  •   The Doctor's Office - El Consultorio Médico
  •   The Sewing Area - La Área de Costura
  •   The Main Bedroom - La Recámara Principal
  •  The Nursery - La Habitación de Niños
  • The North Bedroom - La Recámara Norte
  •  The Bathroom - El Baño
  •  The Back Bedroom - La Recámara Trasera
  • The Attic - El Ático


Besides the above collections, this place has a collection of many artifacts that reflect ancient life during the Victorian period. 

The collection here mainly represents the lifestyles and culture of those periods, and the artifacts and documents are related directly to heritage square or phoenix history. 

The restoration of heritage square has an excellent collection of archival material that has been documented the restoration of heritage square. 

 History At Home 

This place has covered the fun section by including activities. That can be performed at home during hot summer days or family weekends. The activities can be listed below.

  • Arizona's 5 C's
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Worksheets & Coloring Pages
  • Craft Activities  

And many more that will make your learning experience enjoyable.


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