List Of Cruise Tours In Arizona With Arizona Shuttle

Cruise rides, also known as cruises, are vacations where passengers travel on a large ship to various destinations. Cruises often include amenities such as dining, entertainment, and recreational activities. Passengers typically stay on the boat for the duration of the trip but may also have the opportunity to disembark at ports of call for shore excursions. Many cruises are available, including those that focus on specific activities like culture or adventure or cater to specific demographics like families or seniors.

List Of Cruise Tours In Arizona With Arizona Shuttle

The Blue Cruise

The Blue Cruise is a cruise that takes place along the Turkish coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. These cruises are typically done on traditional wooden sailing vessels called gulets. They are named Blue Cruise due to the color of the sea in these regions. These cruises usually start from the port of Bodrum or Marmaris and offer visitors the opportunity to explore the area's beautiful coastline, historic sites, and charming villages. The cruise includes activities like swimming, snorkeling, and visiting ancient ruins, and it is also famous for its delicious traditional Turkish cuisine on board. The Blue Cruise itineraries vary from a one-day trip to a week or more, with stops at various ports and islands.

Desert Belle Cruises

Desert Belle Cruises is a company that offers boat tours on Saguaro Lake, located in the Tonto National Forest near Phoenix, Arizona. The company has been a popular tourist destination for many years, offering a unique way to explore the area's natural beauty. The Desert Belle is a replica of a Mississippi River paddle-wheeler and allows visitors to experience the scenic beauty of the desert from the water. The cruises typically last about 1.5 hours and offer views of the surrounding desert landscape and the wildlife in the area. Along with the regular sightseeing cruises, Desert Belle Cruises also offers special events such as sunset cruises, bird-watching cruises, and dinner cruises.

Dolly Steamboat

Dolly Steamboat is a sightseeing tour boat that operates on Canyon Lake in Arizona. The ship is a replica of a classic sternwheeler, a type of paddle-wheel boat commonly used on rivers and lakes in the early 20th century. The Dolly Steamboat offers a variety of cruises, including a two-hour Nature Cruise, which goes through the secluded inner waterways of the lake, where visitors can see the desert wildlife, geological formations, and the beautiful scenery of the lake.

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