Explore The Top Mysterious Sites With Arizona Shuttle.

Are you also into discovering unknown mysteries?  Every town has mysterious stories to tell, and you can find much evidence to justify the stories. All these stories or beliefs are unique in their way. Arizona shuttle understands its human tendency to unwind the mysteries. And many love to explore such thrilling mysteries. So We have listed the mysterious sites of Arizona. To give you cold chills under the shining sun.

Explore The Top Mysterious Sites With Arizona Shuttle

List of Few Mysterious Sites of Arizona


Chloride is the oldest mining town in Arizona. According to the 2020 census, this town's population is 229 residents. It was the first located mineral resource in the area during the 1840s. In 1863 they founded Chloride; until then, mining of silver, gold, lead, zinc, and turquoise took place in the town where mining was unknown to many. The climatic condition observed here is described as cold desert climates. After the word of mining spread, they had a spike in the population to 5000 residents, which later abruptly dropped down to 2000 residents. And by the passing of time, it was nearly a ghost town. Take a drive through the city, where you will come across old houses and rusty artworks. Attractions of this own are the Jim Fritz Museum, Gunfire remnants, and Mineshaft market. So visit the place where the silence gives you the feel of a ghost town.

The Domes of Casa Grande

The domes are located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Its purpose was to manufacture the construction of computers in the late 1970s to early 1980s it was never completed. The structure depicts the resemblance of a giant caterpillar. The locals believe that it's ritualistic witchcraft and a satanic workshop as; locals advise us to stay out of the tunnels that are under the eastern end of the facility. This facility remains closed as, in 2018, one of the domes collapsed, and the city ordered the demolition of the domes. But they still stand on privately owned land.

The Thing

The name brings on curiosity. Get a chance to view the thing as the name brings out. It is a roadside attraction that includes a museum and gift shop where you can discover a few amazing jewelry pieces, pottery, and many such gifts and antiques. You can enjoy the ultimate burger and many eateries. Whereas the museum exhibits wooden carvings of tortured souls, historic engraved saddles, guns, rifles, and vintage American automobiles. So visit the museum to learn about the thing.

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