Top Scavenger Hunts In Phoenix With Arizona Shuttle

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is the most populated city in Arizona. Due to its climate and few natural formations, it is a famous tourist place, and Mexican food is renowned here. But you can also experience the most adventurous scavenger hunt in phoenix. It is a group/ individual activity in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items to be discovered by the players. This sounds interesting, well you can enjoy the hunt in Pheonix city. Arizona shuttle has listed the places where you can enjoy adventurous hunts.

Phoenix Scavenger Hunt Adventure

You get a chance to discover phoenix with a team of 2-5 members. It is a 3-hour scavenger hunt; the adventure takes you on a journey to find the historical and cultural sites from the Heberger Theater center to the Arizona center. The quest doesn't only discover well-known places but also overlooked places as you solve the clues and complete the challenges via smartphone.

Phoenix Scavenger Hunt: The Sun’s Core

Valley of the sun is the other name for the Phoenix. You can enjoy the interactive scavenger hunt with 8 stops within the 1.78 miles hunt. You will come across historical landmarks as your team solves the puzzle. This will make you're exploring the city journey more fun and knowledgeable.

Adventurous Scavenger Hunt by Operation City Quest

This hunt is a family activity where you explore the city with their fun photo scavenger hunt. You’ll be given riddles and challenges which are to be solved to understand the item. After you complete the challenge, you need to send in a photo to get your points added to the app leaderboard, where you can compare the scores to all teams across the country.

Scavenger Hunt Excursion by Wacky Walks

The wacky walks hunt is a royalty-themed interactive scavenger hunt where you get control of the game. You can explore the city streets to solve the riddles and collect the items. The quest usually takes 2 hours and needs to be completed on foot. You will be supported in this journey as they provide a remote guide to help you if you are stuck.

Scavenger Hunt Excursion by Zombie Scavengers

This hunt is a zombie-themed activity where you need to survive the apocalypse. It is a family-friendly game where no actual zombies are involved. You are going to team up and start the quest to find areas where you can find food, shelter, and other supplies in a chaotic situation. So test your survival skills and save your colony.

Arizona shuttle offers you the best travel experience to explore these thrilling activities. After all, we are at your service 24/7 with door-to-door service. Our benefits are budget-friendly, with flexibility in making changes in the date and time without any charges. All you need to do is book your ride and enjoy the vacation. For more information, contact (480) 710-3441.

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