Stops To Take On Your Drive From Phoenix To Flagstaff

Flagstaff is a hub of tourist attractions. It is due to the grand canyon, which attracts many tourists. You can enjoy many natural wonders here, like Oak Creek Canyon. The climate here is cooler, with snowy winters.

Both places have unique attraction sites, and the way between these places has many worth a visit places. And Arizona shuttle has listed a few stops to make your journey entertaining.

Stops To Take On Your Drive From Phoenix To Flagstaff

Things to explore on the way to Flagstaff

Rock Springs Café

Rock Springs Café came into existence during the 1800s with the former name “The Rock.” It was a periodic encampment back in the day. It was a 19-year-old boy whose idea bears the fruits of success now. It is a café and general store known by the name rock springs. It's a famous stop for travelers and has been their favorite for over 80 years and continues. The pies here are mouth-watering, with combinations of various fruits, creams, and so on. So take a moment to enjoy the stop.


Arcosanti is an experimental town that is an hour's drive from Phoenix. This laboratory was built in 1970 by Paolo Soleri, an Italian- American architect. The construction was based on the principles of arcology, a blend of architecture and ecology with the motive of designing sustainable cities. You will find workshops, events, and guided tours of the place.

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument is the third national monument dedicated to preserving native American culture since 1906. The collection of original artifacts in this place was few due to the looting of the site multiple times. Earlier, access to the place was by climbing a series of ladders up the limestone cliff, but the access was prohibited due to extensive damage. Now you can view a glimpse through the window of the past during your visit to the castle.

Montezuma Well

Montezuma Well is said to be the detached part of the national monument. This cliff has over 30 rooms along the inner surface of the natural well. Where you get a closer look at the well when you hike down towards the well. The well is 386 feet from rim to rim, whose water is carbonated and contains high levels of arsenic. Only five fish species can survive and are exclusively found in the Montezuma well.

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