Visit The Top 5 Beaches In Arizona With The Arizona Shuttle.

Arizona is known for many things, but these beaches are must-visit spots. It also has scenic and summer-perfect beaches where you find the perfect blend of water, sand, and sun to energize your mood and to bring on adventures through jet skiing, swimming, boating, kayaking, or just enjoying the sun with your family.

Explore the top five beaches in Arizona

Visit The Top 5 Beaches In Arizona With The Arizona Shuttle.

Centennial Beach

This beach is located in Yuma, Arizona. This beach was transformed into a pristine sandy beach using over 1800 tons of sand from the Colorado River. It is spread over 110 acres of land, mixed with native trees and grasses, and another part is developed with a lake, picnics, lighting, and landscaping. It is the most popular beach in Arizona during the summer. This beach covers refreshing views, picnic spots, ponds, and many such things.

Windsor Beach

It is located in Lake Havasu, Arizona. It covers over 11,000 acres of land, becoming the most significant contributor of shoreline in the western parts of Arizona. It is covered with white sand and various mountain camping sites, with adventure activities like jet skiing, boating, hiking, a four-wheeler trail, and many other activities.

London Bridge Beach

This beach is the prettiest beach located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The turquoise water, fine sand, and tall coconut trees make it the perfect picture spot, matching your tropical paradise feels. This beach has small waves, which makes it the best beach for swimming in Arizona.

Wahweap Beach

It is located in Lake Powell and covers a shoreline of 1900 miles. This massive beach is covered with golden sand, rock formations, and clear water. It is the first bay of Lake Powell and is situated just south of the Stateline launch ramp. The scenic views make it the most visited beach in Arizona.

Tempe Beach Park

Tempe beach park is a prime spot for festivals and events in Tempe, Arizona. It is an artificial lake developed by building over two dams with mesmerizing surrounding beauty. It is an excellent place for physical activities with the Tempe skyline view. It has 5 miles dedicated to jogging, bicycling, and skating, and you can also rent a paddle boat or kayak for the lake. To experience the best fun, it is recommended to visit during events.

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